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Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS)

Intensive Behavioral Health Services

Paula Teacher & Associates, Inc. is a licensed Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) Applied Behavior Analysis provider.  Services are similar to the former Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) with the emphasis on utilizing ABA techniques.  We offer services in both Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties funded by Community Care Behavioral Health and Beacon Health Options and/or private insurance if Act 62 eligible.  Services must be authorized by a managed care organization.  IBHS is intensive in nature and often involves in-home support multiple sessions per week with the client and parent or caregiver.  Services may also be authorized for settings such as school or daycare depending on the specific needs of the child.

Applied Behavior Analysis

​Our organization specializes in the provision of Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA.     Our services consist of well-structured behavioral programs utilizing an individualized approach to treatment.  Behavior programs incorporate family and caregiver training to teach those close to the individual how to support and sustain the new socially significant skills. IBHS-ABA consists of the following staff/services:


Behavior Analyst

​Our Behavior Analysts have extensive training and hands-on experience in Applied Behavior Analysis and have a current BCBA certification. Behavior Analysts conduct a full spectrum of behavioral assessments based on what is most appropriate for each person. They work alongside our families to identify and customize goals for each child using evidenced-based interventions and family values-based approaches. Individualized treatment plans and programs are developed to promote skill acquisition. Our Behavior Analysts work closely with the Clinical Director and Behavior Health Technician along with family members and caregivers during the implementation of the plan. Data is collected during each therapy session and progress is evaluated on an ongoing basis.


Behavior Consultant- Applied Behavior Analysis (BC-ABA)

​Our Behavior Consultants (formerly known as BSC) have experience and training in Applied Behavior Analysis.  They customize programs to each learner's skills, needs, interests, preferences, and family situation. A detailed assessment of each person’s skills and preferences is conducted.

The individual treatment plan breaks down each of these skills into small, concrete steps. The BC-ABA is responsible for teaching the Behavior Health Technician (BHT-ABA) how to implement the plan to teach relevant skills while decreasing maladaptive behaviors. Progress is measured by collecting and assessing data in each therapy session.


Behavior Health Technician- Applied Behavior Analysis (BHT-ABA)

​Our BHT-ABA is the direct staff (formerly known as TSS) who works one-on-one with the child.  Our staff are scheduled to work at the convenience of the child and family and during times when instruction is most needed.  The BHT-ABA teaches each step of the skill as designed in the program.   They work with the child on acquiring, developing, and increasing social engagement and independent living skills, and increasing interaction in community and home settings. The BHT collects data on goals identified in the Individual Treatment Plan to measure progress and fine-tune programming.  

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