Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services

Services are availabe to indivduals under the age of 21 who are eligible for Medical Assistance.  The Paula Teacher organization has provided BHRS for almost two decades; we've also been involved in developing state guidelines.  We have a clear understanding of what state agencies and managed care companies expect in terms of observable, measurable objectives; more importantly, we know how to achieve them!




BHRS Programming  Our behavioral specialists develop an individualized plan of treatment, based on the evaluation of a licensed clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.  Plans specify goals and objectives, along with appropriate procedures and behavior modification techniques.

Counseling and Therapy  Additional professional staff implement the plan, providing services and supports to help individuals develop social, leisure and peer interaction skills.  Instruction is also given to family members so they can assist in the rehabilitative process.

Services are often provided in the home, but may extend into the community to teach social learning and other skills.  

Behavior Modification  We also provide instruction and support designed to increase positive behavior.  We work with both the individual and the famiy, employing prescribed intervention strategies, instructional techniques and positive reinforcements to shape behavior.  Services are often intense, but short-term - intended to be phased out as progress is documented.