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Pay It Forward!

Paula Teacher & Associates, Inc. is happy to announce the re-introduction of our PAY IT FORWARD campaign!!


All employees are being provided with a $10 bill in your 5/31/24 paycheck for you to pay forward to any person or organization as a random act of kindness. 


You can give the cash to someone (known or unknown, randomly or with intent), use it to do something special for someone else or make a donation to an organization of your choice…we encourage you to be creative.  You may use your $10 separately or collectively, you can pull your monies together with other staff to make a positive impact on a person/group in a bigger way. 


Please post in the comment section below the creative way you used your $10 on the Paula Teacher & Associates, Inc. Employee Website between now and June 30th.


Our ESOP Communications Committee has an added a new twist this year.


Beginning in July, all employees will have an opportunity to vote on their favorite or most creative use of the money.  The company will donate $100 to the charity of the winner’s choice.

Unleash Your Best

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