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Paula Teacher & Associates, Inc. provides a full range of community-based services for individuals with special needs.  Whether those needs are behavioral, instructional or habilitative.  We have the skills, the experience, and the dedication to effect positive outcomes.

From Early
Childhood to

Adult Services


Our associates work with children, adolescents and adults, providing the services and supports that suit their particular challenges in life.  


From developmental programs to specialized therapies, from socialization through vocational training and job counseling, we offer not only a wide range of services, but a continuum of integrated services, as needed.

What's more, we are continually developing new services.  Our pledge is that whatever the individual - or the family -needs in the way of instruction, counseling, personal support or other assistance, we'll strive to make it happen.



At Paula Teacher & Associates, we remain fully committed to providing services in the individual's own environment.

We take our services into homes, alternate living arrangements, schools and workplaces throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.  We also involve family, caregivers and others as appropriate, and make every effort to fit our visits into their schedules.  More broadly, we take our services out into the community and network with resources there to tap into available support systems.

To deliver services, we work closely with - and have service contracts with - many private agencies throughout the region, as well as base services units, managed care organizations and government offices: county, state and federal.

New Ideas.

Innovative Services.

Measurable Results

Home &

Community Habilitation

This service is designed to assist individuals

  with acquiring, improving and maintaining self-help skills in home and community settings.

Vocational Services

Paula Teacher & Associates, Inc. is an organization that assists individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities in securing employment within their community.

We conduct a skill and interest assessment with each applicant and assist them in identifying the type of work they are most interested in and identify the skills necessary to perform that work.  We provide the potential employee with skills training and assist them in securing employment.

Benefits for Employers

  • A dedicated employee who is ready, willing and able to work.

  • An employee who will show up for work.

  • An employee who is willing to learn.

  • On the job support for the new employee and employer.

  • On the job training.

  • Guaranteed satisfaction with job performance.

Vocational Specialists remain with the employee on the job until the employer is satisfied with the work quality and production level of the newly hired employee.  Job support is also able to return in the event job duties change or performance issues occur, in order to return to maximum job performance.

Day Works Adult Training Facility
A New Experience for Attaining Independence. Breaking the Mold for Adult Training Facilities 

This state licenced Chapter 2380 program is located at our Greensburg facility.  This program is licensed for approximately 20 individuals.  

Some of the focuses of The Day Works program: 

  • Daily living

  • Health & well-being

  • Computer / iPad skills

  • Socialization skills

  • Recreational skills

Goal-based learning activities personalized to individual skills, likes and needs

Inviting, at-home atmosphere creates a positive environment that enriches overall experience

A New Experience for Attaining Independence.

Our mission is to work with participants to achieve greater independence in all aspects of daily living.

Home and Community Habilitation

Home and Community services are provided to individuals who either live independently in their own apartments or who live with family members.  This service requires staff to transport individuals into the community.  The focus of the service is to teach individuals skills as outlined in their individual support plan.  There are many different areas that may be addressed including but not limited to:

  • Daily living skills

  • Cooking

  • Cleaning

  • Hygiene and grooming

  • Budgeting

  • Sorting mail

  • Community integration

  • Shopping

  • Volunteering

  • Health & safety

  • Exercise

  • Meal planning

  • Community safety skills

  • Scheduling & attending Doctor appointments

  • Socialization skills

  • Communication skills

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services

Services are available to individuals under the age of 21 who are eligible for Medical Assistance.  The Paula Teacher organization has provided BHRS for almost two decades; we've also been involved in developing state guidelines.  We have a clear understanding of what state agencies and managed care companies expect in terms of observable, measurable objectives; more importantly, we know how to achieve them!




BHRS Programming  Our behavioral specialists develop an individualized plan of treatment, based on the evaluation of a licensed clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.  Plans specify goals and objectives, along with appropriate procedures and behavior modification techniques.

Counseling and Therapy  Additional professional staff implement the plan, providing services and supports to help individuals develop social, leisure and peer interaction skills.  Instruction is also given to family members so they can assist in the rehabilitative process.

Services are often provided in the home but may extend into the community to teach social learning and other skills.  

Behavior Modification  We also provide instruction and support designed to increase positive behavior.  We work with both the individual and the family, employing prescribed intervention strategies, instructional techniques and positive reinforcements to shape behavior.  Services are often intense, but short-term - intended to be phased out as progress is documented.

Creative Production Center

This is a state licensed Chapter 2390 program located at our Greensburg facility.  The program supports approximately 45 individuals.  The goal of the program is to teach prerequisite skills needed to obtain competitive employment.  The individuals in this program have "contract work" and are paid for a portion of their day.  The primary contract is making and selling greeting card using rubber stamps and decorating techniques.  Provide opportunities for not only generating the cards but designing and marketing the product.  Other work opportunities are: Clerical, Computer knowledge and Custodial services. There are multiple staff that work as a team to ensure all individual needs are being met.  This program requires staff to comply with both the ODP regulations as well as state licensing regulations.

Educational Skills:

Job Applications/Mock Interviews

Job Task Analysis

Proper Conduct at work

Socialization Skills

Sign Language

Money Management

Healthy Choices