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Adult Behavior Support Services

Paula Teacher & Associates, Inc. is a licensed ODP/AAW provider.  Behavior Support Services are offered to adults with ODP waiver, Adult Autism Waiver or private funds.  We offer services in both Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties.  We emphasize Positive Behavior Practices.

Behavior Support Services are designed to focus on specific, targeted goals so that clients can be maintained in their home and community setting.  Through Behavior Support Services, clients will develop skills needed for greater independence.  Behavior Support Staff provide direct and indirect services including assessments, development of a behavior support plan with interventions and strategies based upon the assessment as well as a crisis plan.  Behavior Support staff will transfer behavior interventions and teach skills to the client, family or caregivers. 


How to Obtain Behavior Support Services

  • Contact your ODP Supports Coordinator or AAW Service Coordinator. 

  • A Behavior Specialist will be matched with the individual based on geographical area.  The Behavior Specialist will complete a Behavioral Assessment to best determine what specific interventions and supports are needed. 

  • Behavior Support Services and specific behavior goals will be added to the ISP as determined by the assessment

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