Creative Production Center

This is a state licensed Chapter 2390 program located at our Greensburg facility.  The program supports approximately 45 individuals.  The goal of the program is to teach prerequisite skills needed to obtain competitive employment.  The individuals in this program have "contract work" and are paid for a portion of their day.  The primary contract is making and selling greeting card using rubber stamps and decorating techniques.  Provide opportunities for not only generating the cards, but designing and marketing the product.  Other work opportunities are: Clerical, Computer knowledge and Custodial services. There are multiple staff that work as a team to ensure all individual needs are being met.  This program requires staff to comply with both the ODP regulations as well as state licensing regulations.

Educational Skills:

Job Applications/Mock Interviews

Job Task Analysis

Proper Conduct at work

Socialization Skills

Sign Language

Money Management

Healthy Choices