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Day Works Adult Training Facility

A New Experience for Attaining Independence! Breaking the Mold for Adult Training Facilities. 

Our mission is to work with participants to achieve greater independence in all aspects of daily living.


This state-licensed Chapter 2380 program is located at our Greensburg facility.  This program is licensed for approximately 25 individuals.  

Some of the focuses of The Day Works program: 

  • Daily living

  • Health & well-being

  • Computer / iPad skills

  • Socialization skills

  • Recreational skills

The goal-based learning activities are personalized to individual skills, likes, and needs.

This inviting, at-home atmosphere creates a positive environment that enriches their overall experience.

In addition, individuals can also participate in our Community Participation Supports program, which allows them to explore their community, volunteer at local organizations, and work on social, leisure, and money skills.

A New Experience for Attaining Independence!

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