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Because each individual comes to us with unique needs, we believe we must respond with an individualized program of services and supports.

In every case, our services are based on a thorough assessment, and they are carried out - and measured - according to carefully defined objectives for each individual.

All our activities are data-based and rigorously tracked.  Outcomes are continually monitored and our services adjusted as indicated.  Evaluation is not only a requirement for us; it's a core strength that we've built - and live by.

Our daughter has never been busier - or happier

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Ultimately, we realize that what we do is all about results.

What have we helped others to accomplish?

How have we improved the lives we touch?

What more can we do?

We ask these questions of ourselves every day, and we use the answers to improve existing services, as well as identify and grow new offerings that will make a difference in the lives of the individuals and families we serve.

Paula Teacher & Associates, Inc.

Professional Staff

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We are proud of our professional, experienced therapists and coaches. Our staff strive to enhance our clients lives in the most respectful and caring way.  All of our staff have current PA State Criminal History Clearances, PA State Child Abuse Clearance and FBI Fingerprint Criminal History Clearance.  

The heart of the Paula Teacher organization is, of course, our people.  Everything we're able to accomplish for the individuals and families we serve is due to the skills, experience, and personal commitment of our staff.


Our continuing training program applies to everyone in the organization, from administrators to support staff. All of our staff have the chance to become continually better at what they do, improving both their own and the organization's effectiveness.  Continuing education increases their knowledge of the field by introducing them to the latest research and theory, and can expose them to new ideas which ultimately will improve their own effectiveness and that of the organization.​

Leading the


We understand that the "human services" field is all about people: people who are in need and people who respond to those needs.

All Paula Teacher & Associates services are provided by highly trained and experienced staff; 200 professionals, including behavioral and instructional specialists, therapists, in-home services and support providers, and habilitation and vocational specialists.

We have the resources to provide services as needed - essentially any time of the day, any day of the week, and we have the personal dedication to uphold the quality of service we stand for.

And, to address changing needs, we continually seek new and better ways to serve the individuals and families in our care.  In recent years, we've developed innovative services.

Whenever and wherever we see a need, we find a way to fill it.

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