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Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation

This program is funded by Value Behavioral Health and Westmoreland County BHDS to help individuals residing within the county cope with and move beyond personal challenges, in order to build satisfying lives within their community. 

OUR MISSION is to help individuals with mental illness in achieving their needs and self determined goals.  The fundamental values of the program include respecting the worth, dignity and uniqueness of all persons, as well as their rights, opportunities and obligations within a safe, caring environment.

Goal Oriented  Programs are designed to empower individuals, build self confidence, enhance each person's ability to function successfully and independently.  The overriding purpose is always the same: to help each person reach his or her personal goals.

Eligibility  Individuals are eligible for the Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation program if they have a diagnosis of major mental illness.  In addition to the diagnosis, an individual must also experience impariments that limit their ability to succeed in major activities of daily living.  We can assist program participation developing and attaining goals in the following areas:

  • Obtaining or maintaining stable housing

  • Securing and maintaing employment

  • Engaging in meaningful social / community activities

  • Managing the illnes & sustaining wellness

  • Completing educational goals

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